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Skins Game Pairings Changes

Too many players are either emailing me after the 3 pm cutoff wanting to play the next day, or else are showing up the next day and expecting to be added to the game. One Friday last month we had 7 changes–3 who emailed me Thursday evening, 2 who emailed me Friday morning, and 2 who just showed up. This causes confusion and extra work for both me and the cart guys, and I think by accommodating these players I am encouraging this to continue. So I am going to try something new this year:

  • If you forget to sign up by 3 pm, or your plans change after 3 pm to make you available the next day, do not email me, because I will not change the published pairings. But if you want to show up and take your chances, please do so.
  • If you are not in the pairings, but you show up for the skins game, here’s what we’ll do:
    • If there is a threesome available, I’ll add you to make a foursome.
    • If there are only foursomes, but 3 unscheduled players show up, I’ll add you as a threesome.
    • If there are only foursomes, but 1 or 2 unscheduled players show up, you will not play in the skins game. Hopefully you can work with the starter and play a round on your own.
  • Please DO notify me if you have signed up to play and you have a guest who wants to play with you. Do this early enough that I will see the email in time to add your guest before the 3 pm cutoff; that way your guest will be included in the pairings, playing with you.

I know a few of you have trouble dealing with the website, either because you have forgotten your password or because you just are not computer savvy. With these new rules, we’ll have to work through these issues. So let me know if you are still having trouble using the website and I will work with you to make it easier.


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