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2019 Gringo Classic Players Eligibility

The Gringo Classic

In the beginning the spirit of the Gringo Classic was to bring together people for a couple days of good old fun, golf, and spirited rivalry. It was hoped in the beginning that it might attract more of the Mexican golfers that are eligible to participate. The Gringo Classic was never intended to be a members only tournament, as we already have two of these tournaments every year. To make sure that we had enough players for the event, the players from the El Tigre men’s league were invited to sign up first.

There has been many suggestions put forth to the organizing committee, concerning who should be eligible to play, and whether there should be a Canada vs USA format. The five statements below will be the standard for the 2019 and future Gringo Classic tournaments.

1. Men’s League members will be given preference to play.

2. Guests of members that are returning to play in the GC will be
slotted after members have signed up.

3. If space is available, new guests of members that have never played
in the GC will be slotted.

4. If in the future, players with professional status would like to
play, they will play from the black tee’s with handicap calculated
according to their index.

5. The Canada vs USA format will be the standard.


Gringo Classic Organizing Committee

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