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Pickleball Interest?

My apologies for misusing this golf list, but just this once….


If you play pickleball, or are interested in learning, please leave a comment here. Further communication will be by email only to those who indicate interest.


Duane Bender

9 thoughts on “Pickleball Interest?

  1. haryvan52 says:

    I will be interested but never play so far.


  2. Lisa Brown says:

    My wife Lisa and I play singles but would love to join in on anything that gets organized. Thanks!

    Jim Brown

  3. biotto says:

    I’m in.


  4. Linda Alepin says:

    Interested in learning.  Linda

  5. tman says:

    Greetings and best wishes for the holidays.
    Duane, I don’t think an apology is necessary for using the group list if it is used to promote a more fulfilling life style while we enjoy the wonderful weather and superb facilities available for us to use. We all like o stay in touch with each other
    As far as pickle ball, Not my thing.

  6. evansb2 says:

    Definitely interested in playing. Please keep me on the communication list. Thanks Duane.

    Bill E

  7. goose says:

    Would like to learn.

    Ron Volk

    • Martin Dorfman says:

      Arriving december 29
      Looking for some lessons

  8. Myles McDonald says:

    I am interested. I have some balls, but no paddle. Let me know times and days of play.


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