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Christmas couples golf

This Sunday we will be playing our own ball , details of the matches will be explained then.

There will be a red and a white team.  The members of the red team are :  Simon, Mary, JO, Louisa, Mark, Laura, Roger, Ria, Woody,  Francine, Michel P., Darlene, Don, Carole, Gerard, and Mary-Lou.  The members of the white team are:  Rosie, Ross, Dina, Joe, Stayce, Duane, Mimi, Petr, Nancy, Michel S., Louise, Wayne, Vivian, Yvan, Lucie and Garnet.

Please wear a big smile along with the colors of your team, if possible.  As usual our tee time is for 10:00. The cost of the evening is 150p per person.

We’re looking forward to have a great time this Sunday.

Francine & Michel


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