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Phil Woodrum is leaving

Please see below the message from Phil and Patti.

Dear Members,
It is with both joy and sadness that I announce my resignation from El Tigre on December 3O, 2018. Joy because we are moving to North Carolina as the Vice President of Golf Operations to a company of 13 golf courses, expanding to 23 by the end of next year. Sadness in the fact that we are leaving a facility, membership, and staff that we have grown to love.
Either like or dislike what I have done in the past, we, along with a lot of work from our terrific staff, have accomplished some of the following things:
Brought the golf course back from terrible condition, with the greens worst of all, into one if not the finest facility in the Banderas Bay area.
Re-made our Golf Shop into a festive place, even with the high tariffs that we are paying for merchandise.
Led the way for the first purchase, and then this year the second, of new golf carts with the Visage GPS Systems.
Overseen the expansion of the membership, the Men´s, Ladies, and Couples Leagues.
Assisted the staff in refining their customer service into the best in the area.
We have done this all in the fairest way possible, treating each member as equals, applying the rules the same to all, and still have increased the outside play which has kept your dues down.
We have not accomplished this on our own and wish to thank the following:
The Sovernigo Family. While they do not know about golf, they have supported me and the golf course always. Decisions that have been made without having extensive golf knowledge, but in the end, the right decisions are made. It is extremely hard to set up an entire operation like Paradise Village and to get every decision right. However, they have constantly made improvements in front and behind the scenes. We thank them for the opportunity to work here.
The Staff. The managers and staff here are tireless in their efforts to the membership and guests. They put up with the bad days and still have a smile during their work time. They are a joy to be around and will continue to make every day great for the members.
The Membership,even though we have had our differences, we respect your membership and your friendship. We have tried to improve the facilities that you use every year, even though you might not see all the changes. You will be missed.
In closing, we will miss El Tigre.

Phil and Patti

6 thoughts on “Phil Woodrum is leaving

  1. Jim Brown says:

    Phil, oh no, say it ain’t so! Congratulations on your new post. We are happy for you but sad for us. In our short time here we have grown to consider you a friend and a good sportsman in the hoosier tradition. We will miss you.

    Jim & Lisa Brown

  2. biotto says:

    Phil, Louise and I are sorry to hear you and Patti are leaving El Tigre. We hope you leave as proud of your accomplishments here, as we are appreciative of them. The course conditions and operations are the best we’ve ever seen them. Good luck in your new endeavors and hopefully our paths will cross again.

  3. Rod says:

    Job well done Phill
    All the best to you and Patti


  4. Andy says:

    Hey good luck in all your new adventures
    It was great what you have done around here. Our best to Patti as well
    Andy and Traci

  5. Duane Bender says:

    Thanks, Phil, for your help and cooperation in setting up and growing the skins game. And as Simon said, you do leave the course in much better shape than you found it. Good luck in the Tarheel State.

  6. simonvallarta says:

    Phil, I appreciate the improvements you helped bring about at El Tigre. As noted in your remarks you certainly are leaving El Tigre in better condition than you found it and I congratulate you for it. Rosie and I wish you and Patti much health and happiness as you begin  your next chapter in North Carolina.

    Cheers and Happy Holidays

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