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Monthly update from the El Tigre Lady’s Day Committee

The newly formed El Tigre Lady’s Day Committee has now met a few times and we are making progress on introducing some new games,  formats and ideas for the group.  Please find a summary below of some of the changes and news so far this year!



All communication (like this message) will now come through the El Tigre system. You must sign up for all games online, update your calendar if your plans change, and watch for reminders and notices. You will receive a general reminder on Saturday for any groups you have joined; Lady’s Day and Couples. You will receive the weekly Ladies Day message on Wednesday each week.   If you need help with the computer system please let any of us on the committee know and we will be happy to show you how it works.


All ladies are welcome to play with the Ladies Day group, either socially or for the weekly game. This means that you can play with the group even if you do not want to play in the league. If you play the game, the cost to participate will be 50 pesos. There is also now an option to play for the skill prizes for an additional 20 pesos per week.  We are no longer accepting t -gifts but those ladies that have already donated this year will be entered into the Skill Prize competition each week at no additional cost.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The T-gifts that we have will be given away each week as door prizes to any lady (including social or guest players) who is in attendance.


We are making an effort to offer a variety of games and formats. Beginning in January we will provide a monthly list of games so you can know in advance if the format is of interest to you. In general there will be two 4 person team games, one 2 person team game and one individual game per month. These games may be by flight (grouped by similar handicap) or random. That detail will be listed for each game.


Vivian is working on a date for Interclub. She has already confirmed that the Flamingo ladies would like to participate again and she will also contact Vista Vallarta to see if they have any ladies interested as well. Stay tuned for more details.

Closing Tournament

In response to feedback from the Spring 2017 survey we are going to host a closing tournament; date to be confirmed! The format is yet to be determined but you can count on that it will be fun and that there will be something for everyone regardless of skill level. We are aiming for 100% participation More details to come!

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