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Women’s League

Hola Ladies,

Our format for Friday, Dec 7th will be a 4 Lady Team (3 nets Blue Flag, 2 nets Red Flag, 1 net Red Flag).  Skills will be Putts on the Back 9, KP’s on 2 and 17.  There will also be 2 Door Prizes Drawn.   Cost will be 50 pesos for the game and 20 pesos for the skills (optional).   Start time is 9:00 am, meeting time is 8:45.

Congratulations to last weeks winners for the game of BONUS, 1st Vivian & Ria: 2nd Vivian & Kathy: 3rd Janet & Lucie: 4th Carole & Francine. KP 0-26 – Sharon McDonald: KP 27 + (No one hit the green).

The Ringer Board has started.  Those members still wanting to sign up see Vivian (cost 100 pesos).  Vivian & Carole will be Captains this week.

Theses Ladies have signed up so far: Joan, Mimi, Janet, Mary Lou, Kathy, Charli, Lisa, Gemma, Louise, Carole, Lucie, Vivian, Dilene.  Social members are Welcome!  Check to see if you have saved on the December calendar.

The Ringer Board has started and is posted in the ladies Lokcer Room.  New members are welcome.  Carole and Vivian will be the Captains for this week.



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