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New Website Handicap Features

When you click the My Handicap button on the main menu bar, you will see the My Handicap tab you’ve had since December, plus a new Handicaps and Scores tab.

My Handicap Tab

You should be familiar with this tab, where you post scores, view your recent scores, and find your handicap index and course handicap. What is new here is that we’ve added El Tigre League Handicaps for all the tees, in addition to your standard Course Handicaps. Because we allow players to compete from different tees in our leagues, handicaps must be adjusted for those who play from “nonstandard” tees (tees other than white for men and red for women). For an explanation of why and how this is done, please read Handicap Adjustments for El Tigre League Play.

Handicaps and Scores Tab

Three new capabilities here:

  • View a player handicap, where you can view recent scores and handicap information for any player, just like you see for yourself on the My Handicap tab.
  • Handicap list, where you can see a list of all men or women players’ course and league handicaps.
  • Day scores on, where you can see a list of scores posted on any given date.

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