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Men’s Mixer December 6, 2017

A beautiful Saturday morning in Nuevo. I have entered my score’s into the handicap system as I hope all of you have also. The handicap system works on honesty, a fairness to your fellow golfer and friend. In league play golfers like to see a fair playing field, so please enter all your scores, whether they are a 68 or 108. Nobody is going to the PGA Tour, so what’s the big deal.

The game for next week will be the a 4 man Nassau team event (1-9, 10-18, Total) with the 2BB net counted on each hole. 1st and 2nd place payout for each section, KP’s and DP’s.

As I never asked for a volunteer for this week, I will gladly be accepting your 100 peso contributions.

Rules to abide by:
(1) Bunkers can be raked if machine grooves or footprints are evident. Plugged or fried eggs are played as is.

(2) Balls in the fairway can be lifted cleaned and replaced. This includes balls in the 2nd cut around the green. Balls in the rough are identified visually and played as is. The lie of the ball in the rough cannot be improved under any circumstance.

Thank you all for keeping the course in good shape by filling in divots and repairing ball marks on the greens.

Until Wednesday,

El Capitan

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