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Mens Mixer Wednesday April 12, 2017


The Game for this week will be the 1-2-3 game with 1 net scores on Par 3’s, 2 net scores on Par 4’s, and 3 net score on Par 5’s. The 18 holes will be divided into 3 x 6 hole matches (holes 1-6, 7- 12, 13 – 18).

Michel St-Laurent will be kindly accepting your $50 peso contributions this week for the Mixer and $50 peso for the Closest to the Pin on Par 3’s / Duece pot,( a natural 2 on any hole ), if you are so inclined. Thank you Michel. The closest to the pin winners will receive 100 peso’s each, with the remainder of the 50 peso’s going to the Duece pot. If the Duece pot is not won, the peso’s will be carried over to next week.

Thanks to all the golfers for filling the fairway divots and repairing the ball marks on the greens. Keep up the good work as the golf course is being well used these days and can use all the help we can give it.

Please manage your Calendars so problems are not encountered on Wednesday mornings.

Attached are HDCP’sHandicap Scores (52)

Until Wednesday……

El Capitan

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