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Mens Mixer January 4th, 2017

A Happy New Year to all golfers and best wishes for 2017,

The game for January 4th will be the 4 man net stableford format. Double bogey or more is zero points, a bogey is 1 point, a par is 2 points, a birdie is 3 points, and an eagle is 4 points. Gross score for hdcp purpose are recorded on top of score card, and the combined stableford points on each hole is recorded on the bottom.

Duane Bender will be accepting your $50 peso donations this week. Thank you Duane.

Over the Christmas break, the course is taking a beating from all the tourists. please make a special effort to fill all divots and repair as many ball marks as possible.

I am starting this week to attach a Xcel handicap sheet to this sign up note. This sheet is compiled by Phil on a weekly basis. The “membership” tab is the handicap based on the scores you have emailed Phil (outside of Mens Mixer rounds). This may differ from your own handicap that you keep for yourself, as you may not email Phil every round you play. If you want a legitimate handicap, that can be verified for tournament purposes, email your rounds directly from the golf cart to, and save yourself a lot of work. (Note: one email to Phil covers both persons on the score card).

Until Wednesday…..

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