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Mens League Wednesday Nov 7th

ElTigre Mens League golfers,

The game for next week will be a 4 man team format where the best net shot is recorded on holes 1 thru 6, and then the 2 best net shots are recorded on holes 7 thru 12, and the 3 best shots are recorded on holes 13 thru 18. I will be there to gladly accept your $50 peso donation.

Remember to always save the month at the bottom of “your calendar” if you are making changes to your calendar ( it will post a box that informs you that your changes have been saved), otherwise, you will not be on the signup sheet, and that always causes problems.

We will table a question on Wednesday: ” Do we want to golf all the Wednesdays in December (ie: 21st and 28th), since Christmas and New Years Eve fall on the Sunday and Saturday”. Think about it and we hash it over on Wednesday. Also we should decide on when to have the Christmas get together for the Golf Staff

Thanks for keeping the fairways and greens in good condition. Until Wednesday……

El Capitan

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