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Mens League Registration for Nov 2nd

You are receiving this email because you signed up to receive email notifications of announcements for the El Tigre Mens League. If you plan to play tomorrow, Nov 2nd, this announcement pertains to you. Otherwise, disregard it.

To ensure that you will be signed up to play tomorrow, please do the following by 3 pm Tuesday: Click My Calendar on the website, and look at Nov 2. There are 3 possibilities:

  • If you see “Mens League” and a blue box with a checkmark in it, you are good to go. We’ll see you Wednesday morning.
  • If you see “Mens League” and an empty white checkbox:
    1. Click the checkbox, and it will turn blue
    2. Click “Save Month” below the calendar
  • If you do not see “Mens League” at all on Nov 2 (or any other Wednesday in November):
    1. Click “Leagues” above the calendar
    2. Select the “Mens League” checkbox
    3. Click “Save leagues in my calendar”
    4. Click “My Calendar” in top menu, and see that you now see “Mens League” for each Wednesday in November
    5. Click the checkbox for Nov 2, and it should turn blue
    6. Click “Save Month” below the calendar


You will need to check the boxes for each Wednesday you wish to play in the Mens League, and do so prior to 3 pm on Tuesday. If you sign up for an event and later change your mind, you can go back into your calendar and uncheck that box. And be sure to click Save Month after checking (or unchecking) any boxes for the month.

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